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Each year hospitals and health clinics lose billions of Medicaid dollars from:

For medical care providers, it is essential to have accurate and up-to-date information for identification purposes -- not only to ensure that the proper treatment is given to a patient but to correct important administrative errors. This article covers issues related to the collection of social security numbers ("SSNs") of patients and prospective patients.

Since Medicaid is a program that is jointly run by the federal and state governments, the billing requirements will vary from state to state. It's important that medical administration personnel in charge of billing understand the rules and protocols, especially where it relates to patient coverage. If a patient is denied Medicaid on the basis of failure to renew benefits, it may still be possible to receive Medicaid coverage through the program's reinstatement process. Note that this is different from situations in which a patient is denied Medicaid on the basis of income or has been otherwise excluded from Medicaid eligibility.

By Kaylee Riddle and Audrey Cooper 

The most productive communities are communities with healthy individuals. Community Health has become the nations healthcare provider for poverty level patients. The affordable services allow individuals in our communities to get treatment without debt. Community Health centers also provide