Improving Efficiency for a Hospital Medical Office

In a hospital medical office, it is very crucial to always be looking for a more efficient means of operating. Whether you’re trying to simplify processes currently in place or free up time for your staff to focus on more patient-focused tasks, increased productivity is an objective every successful hospital invests much time and resources to achieve.


Key components to success

  • Assess your collection processes 
  • Give your patients a billing statement they understand. 
  • Audit your accounts for missed Medicaid eligibility

Hospital medical billing is a key component to both profitability and overall prosperity. The primitive times of complicated medical billing statements that may as well be written in hieroglyphics should be a thing of the past. Patients should be able to easily decipher what services they are being charged for and the medical fees associated as well as having viable options to access and pay these balances. 


Key components to success:

  • Patient web/mobile payment technology 
  • Lockbox and Agent Payments
  • Interactive Voice Response Pay System
I have personally dealt with Emerald AR Systems for 3 years now. They not only provide a great service for healthcare organizations, they do it with the highest level of integrity and attention to detail. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to lower their overhead costs, and increase their patient collections.
Tom D.
Business Office Director

New Front/Back Office Resource

Emerald's client portal provides your office with a communication channel to expedite patient resolution. and measure service performance.  

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Do you audit every Self-Pay account periodically, checking for missed Medicaid opportunities? If the answer is no, try Emerald AR Systems,  Claim Miner trial search for FREE. Emerald provides a summary result file giving decision-makers the data they need to address the problem.