Post Service Medicaid Eligibility

Never Miss Another Medicaid Billing Opportunity.



How to Help Patient Access

never miss another Medicaid billing opportunity

Your front office staff probably works hard to verify the patient’s insurance at the time of service and may even assist self-pay patients with enrolling for Medicaid, but what happens after checkout? A time-consuming process of continually monitoring self-pay visits for eligibility begins. This is a daunting manual task that results in many billable opportunities going unnoticed and written off as bad debt or timely filing adjustments.  

Our Claim Miner service can automate the process by scanning your Self-Pay and Sliding Fee encounters and automatically return missing or incorrect Medicaid information. This service can be set up within a day but maybe the largest improvement you make to your bottom line in 2019. We consistently find $250K or more annually in missing Medicaid dollars for many of our clients.


We work with your team to identify all self-pay and sliding fee encounters. 


All your identified encounters are scanned through our proprietary Claim Miner service. 

Bill Medicaid

We return a data file to you with billing information for all billable encounters. 


How we're helping Patient Access

Rather than having your patient access staff continue the time-consuming back and forth process with Medicaid, scan your data and automatically get the results. 

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Another Collection Opportunity

Our  payment portal provides an additional recovery channel for your unpaid patient balances. It's safe, secure and accessible 24/7

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Free Audit

Want to take it for a spin before you start services? We'll scan all your billable encounters within timely filing for free. You'll receive a report with the amount of eligible billable encounters broken down by plan name. We'll help you break the bottleneck and fix your Medicaid leaks. 

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Their staff is very engaged and prompt to respond to issues encountered. They have professional and friendly staff members.
Pam H
My experience working with Emerald AR Systems has been elite. We have worked together for seven years and Emerald has collected on much more revenue than any other collection agency used by our group in the past, collectively!
Wendy K
Emerald AR Systems is the best collection agency out there. The communication between them and our office is superb. In the medical billing world, collections can be a "touchy" subject, Emerald handles all of our accounts in a very professional manner. Their collection rate is also stellar.
Terri K
This company has some really great staff! always super helpful and patient! this company always goes above and beyond to help clients!
Michele B
I have personally dealt with Emerald AR Systems for 3 years now. They not only provide a great service for healthcare organizations, they do it with the highest level of integrity and attention to detail. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to lower their overhead costs, and increase their patient collections.
Tom D