1 in 10 visits go unbilled to Medicaid/Medicare  

Find out how much Medicaid revenue your health center is missing

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Claim Miner: Emerald's New Medicaid Finder Tool

Your front office staff probably works hard to verify the patient’s insurance at the time of service and may even assist self-pay patients with enrolling for Medicaid, but what happens after checkout? A time-consuming process of continually monitoring self-pay visits for eligibility begins. This daunting manual task results in many billable opportunities going unnoticed and written off as bad debt or timely filing adjustments. We're finding that rising Medicaid shortfalls create financial challenges for health centers. 

Emerald's  Claim Miner service identifies new Medicaid eligible encounters hiding in your self-pay and sliding fee buckets then,  returns missing or incorrect Medicaid information needed to your billing team.


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Claim Miner has become a favorite amongst our clients. Implementation time is less than 2 weeks, requires minimal setup and you can finally smile when you see your self-pay bucket. 

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We identify Medicaid accounts before their written off to timely filing.


We simplify the Patient Access role by identifying eligibility with your scheduling file.


We keep your providers compliant with Medicaid provider agreements. 


We've automated eligibility scrubbing. All Emerald requires is a CSV file. 


We increase revenue by capturing all Medicaid claims. 


We save your organization time by automating your Medicaid identification process. 


Capturing Medicaid eligibility keeps your Medicaid patients happy. 


Our service gives you the confidence that all Medicaid revenue was captured. 


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At Emerald, we don't like to start services until we know they add value to your organization. If your healthcare entity is tired of "biting off more than you can chew"  with Medicaid eligibility, or you're unsure whether your organization has a Medicaid problem, schedule a quick 30- minute meeting with one of our Medicaid Consultants to discuss Claim Miner. 

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Try Emerald AR Systems,  Claim Miner trial search for FREE. Emerald provides a summary result file giving decision-makers the data they need to evaluate your Medicaid eligibility process.