Work at Emerald

We promote an environment of unity

Work At Emerald

 Emerald is a growing company that offers several positions on a yearly basis for various jobs in medical debt collections. If you are looking to grow with a company that wants to transform healthcare by easing physician burden of managing patient payments so  they can focus on patient care, this is the job for you. From collections specialist jobs to management, there are positions for many skill sets.

Emerald's Core Values


We do the right thing all the time; responsible for our actions


Will conduct careful monitoring, supervision and management of client and proprietary resources


Attract and develop the best talent to deliver innovative products and service.

Service Oriented

Delivering the best results possible and serving the needs of our clients with a timely, friendly, and professional approach.


Committed to create more efficient and profitable solutions driven by a conviction that there is always a better way.


Committing resources to the needs of our community


Build partnerships with team members, clients and vendors.


Promoting an environment of unity, mutual respect, individual initiative, personal growth, and accountability within the team framework.

Bad Debt Recovery
Emerald Culture

Emerald Culture

  At Emerald, we believe in creating value. We believe that we can shape the standard of receivables management by staying committed to Emeralds core values.

Our Solutions not only focused on improving Healthcare patient billing infrastructure but have centered on providing a consistent, professional and friendly patient experience.