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How To Make Your Anesthesiology Medical Office Run More Efficiently

The importance of understanding the big picture. 

The Truth About Operations

In your anesthesiology medical office, it will always be someone’s challenge to continue to look for more efficient processes and equipment, or even the entire team’s challenge. Understanding all of the processes in place at your practice is a crucial first step in enabling higher volumes of productivity. You must then examine these processes and begin to identify where your office or practice can improve. Whether it’s communication or infrastructure, you mustn’t leave any stone unturned.

When looking at the grand scheme of your operations layout, it is likely that your medical billing services make up a large part of your business being that the compensation is the main driver for a successful practice. This makes it even more important that anesthesiology medical billing needs to be understood in a more modern sense, apart from the archaic ages of complicated statements to your patients that might as well be written in code. In this industry, you must endure and align with the up-to-date medical trends. Your patients are starting to become more reliant on new technology which makes it important for you to adapt to them and make it easier to access their patient information and services.

It is a benefit to both the patient and the provider to offer a higher level of communication to the patients receiving their billing statements. Always be on the lookout for these opportunities to focus on efficiency and free up more of your time to work in the business and not so much on the business. Innovation is a powerful force for surviving and thriving in every industry, especially the medical field. It is a key understanding to have that capital expenses associated with infrastructure needs need to be address along with an awareness to the fact that the ease of implementation of a new billing service system is advantageous.

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Patient Payment Experience- Make it easier for your patients to make payments

Look for ways to improve your revenue streams

A New Age in Receivables Management

Convenience and ease of use should be the two main pillars of your anesthesiology patient billing experience. A complex billing statement will require patients to contact your office and tie up your front office employees with questions that could have been answered with a more clear, itemized invoice. These questions are normally as simple as how they are being charged, what they are being charged for, and how to pay towards their balance. Be proactive and make sure this isn’t a bottleneck in your anesthesiology patient services process.

There is now a new, more modern way of solving your patient billing headaches designed by Emerald AR. This innovative billing service collections system enables your patients to view an itemized list of charges for their services. It even gives them the option to update their contact information and pay online. Your patients will now have the capability and convenience of utilizing multiple payment channels that assist in ensuring that they have access to their preferred payment method of choice. With your choice of credit cards, debit cards, and electronic check payments, our multi-channel payment architecture ensures your patients are able to choose the most convenient payment option for them.



Our main focus is to keep your capital expenses down while raising your infrastructure gains for your medical office. This system was constructed for easy implementation at its core. The thought is that if you can avoid the planning, development, and capital costs associated with improving your patient billing capabilities, then this will allow you more time and resources to dedicate to your day-to-day operations. Your office is improving your patients’ satisfaction by enhancing your ability to collect patient payments easier. Emerald is focused on optimizing that satisfaction and even offers a single file to import credit card payments, lockbox payments, web payments, and phone payments. It is also a point to note that the patient payment suite provides settled and adjusted payment files posted. This, ultimately, helps to shorten the time and expense of having to operate your own personal lockbox or manual posting process.


Are You Aware Of Post-Visit Medicaid Eligibility?

Look for opportunities to collect uncompensated care. 

Here's What You're Missing

The is a great deal of uncompensated care opportunities associated with post-visit medicaid eligibility. At the same time, we are eliminating balances that cannot be collected from assigned patients. By identifying the accounts that may be recovered through Medicaid, our Claim Miner technology product is able to return the billing details for processing. Keep in mind that it is illegal in many states for Medicaid providers to bill patients for medical treatment that is covered by Medicaid. It is crucial to keep within the appropriate filing limits while also keeping the providers compliant. Emerald’s Claim Miner technology maximizes the recovery efforts for healthcare providers of locating patients that are eligible for Medicaid.

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