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Running an Efficient Billing Office.


Running an Efficient Radiology Medical Office

There are key points to consider. 

A Modern Mindset

In the terms of creating efficiency in your radiology office, there are key points you will need to keep on your big board. Medical billing needs to be understood in a more modern mindset, apart from the archaic ages of complicated statements that might as well be written with hieroglyphics. Efficiency in regards to a billing service collections office means working to endure and align with the shifts occurring in the medical industry. There are many critical innovations being developed that are already proving to work in the patient billing industry.


Above all,efficiency benefits both the patient and provider to better communicate with a medical billing statement that can be easily read and comprehended by everyone. Efficiency can be achieved through consistently looking for ways to better run the office and enable your team more time to devote to patients. When taking into consideration how essential innovation can be to both survive and thrive in the medical industry, a great deal of attention must be focused on the implementation factors that make it easier for a new billing system accompanied by infrastructure requirements.


Help Your Office By Simplifying Your Patient Billing

Simplifying the patient billing experience gives your patients a better patient experience. 

A Bill Your Patients Understand

We make our statements easy to understand and written in clear language that reduces confusing radiology healthcare jargon. Patients can quickly determine the reason for the statement and how it can be resolved. Our patient statements are concise and have all of the necessary patient billing information and balance notifications.


Enable Your Patients to Make Payments More User-Friendly

This “user-friendliness” approach of the invoicing process for radiology medical billing is often overlooked.

Increase Payments with Modern Capabilities 

This “user-friendliness” approach of the invoicing process for radiology medical billing is often overlooked. When there is a system in place that makes it difficult for patients to understand how they are being charged, what they are being charged for, and how to pay towards their balance,  you need to reassess your system altogether.

Here at Emerald AR Systems, we have created and designed a system for easy implementation and zero capital expense for huge infrastructure gains. By improving your radiology office’s ability to collect patient payments, you coincidently increase your overall patient satisfaction. Giving them the capability and convenience of providing multiple payment channels will assist in ensuring that they have access to their delivery method of choice. Our multi-channel payment architecture includes credit cards, debit cards, and electronic check payments.

Emerald’s patient billing services are designed for easy implementation and their system is constructed to allows clients to not have to worry about the planning, development, and capital costs associated with improving their patient billing capabilities and processes. Emerald provides a single file to import credit card payments, lockbox payments, web payments, and phone payments. Our patient payment suite provides fully reconciled payment files posted in a fraction of the time and expense of operating your own lockbox or manual posting process.



Have You Heard of Post-Visit Medicaid Eligibility?

We have invented a new technology for Medicaid eligibility that increases revenue.

The Truth About Uncompensated Care

We have invented a new technology for Medicaid eligibility that increases revenue recovered from MedicaidiStock-1050719352 while eliminating noncollectable balances assigned to patients. We identify those accounts that may be recovered through Medicaid and return the billing details for processing. Our modernized billing process reduces your uncompensated care and acts as a fail-safe for your billing process.

In many states, it is illegal for Medicaid providers to bill patients for medical treatment covered by Medicaid. Providers can maximize recovery by locating Medicaid eligible patients within the timely filing limits. Our service allows healthcare providers to stay compliant and on time.

Do You Know What Medicaid Money Is? 

Emerald AR found consistently finds $250k in un-billed claims annuallyUnderstand how much Medicaid money your radiology office is missing out on. Click the button below for a Free Medicaid Eligibility Scan!




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