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  • Patient Billing Services

    Our solutions resolve a major challenge in healthcare revenue cycle management--patient accounts receivable. Our modern proprietary technology along with our system interoperability with most practice management systems gives healthcare centers access to innovative patient communication channels, mobile-friendly payment processing portals, key performance metrics and a professional HIPAA customer service call center.

  • Serving FQHCs, Health Centers ,and Rural Hospitals

    Emerald’s customers are healthcare organizations looking to improve their patient billing processes, gain access to modern technology at an affordable cost and release themselves from the financial burden of building and maintaining a call center, managing multiple vendors and building new patient facing revenue cycle tech products.

  • Maximizing Revenue in Healthcare

    Emerald understands that our actions directly affect your organization’s reputation. As one of the top medical billing services, we are committed to providing your patients with superior service standards..

Check out Emerald's Latest Recovery Tool. 

Emerald's Claim Miner service can automate the process by scanning your Self-Pay and Sliding Fee encounters and automatically return missing or incorrect Medicaid information. This service can be setup within a day but may be the largest improvement you make to your bottom line in 2019. We consistently find $250K or more annually in missing Medicaid dollars for many of our clients.

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Medicaid Challenges

Many of our clients have told us the process of capturing all Medicaid patients throughout the revenue cycle process is too overwhelming.

Process Bottlenecks

Understanding common ways healthcare misses Medicaid eligibility.

Eligibility Automation

Medicaid Eligibility Automation within your organization can have a tremendous impact on revenue, employee satisfaction and patient experience.

Starting Services

Do you audit every Self-Pay account periodically, checking for missed Medicaid opportunities? If the answer is no, try Claim Miner’s trial search for FREE.

How our services help healthcare

Our solutions focus on improving our client's patient billing infrastructure. We focus our time and energy on providing standardized, scalable solutions that simplify the patient billing process. Emerald works with their clients to eliminate complex billing processes in order to improve recovery times and give patients a better billing experience. 


Increase Billing Productivity 

Emerald's client portal is a robust communication platform that gives  clients a real-time snapshot into their healthcare billing services through our account database. Our client portal comes with our Patient Billing and Late and Early Stage services giving your office a streamlined patient billing process. 

  • Report Payments, Change Address, Add Notes 

  • Task Management system--quick communication decreases recovery time. 

  • Key performance indicators- quarterly service reports. 

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