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Cause You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know: How to separate the payers from the non-payers

April 9, 2019 - 4:25 PM

We all know how extremely frustrating it can be, when you put in long hours, acute focus, and hard work into completed very best work for your client, and your client DOESN’T EVEN PAY YOU for the work you did!

Wouldn’t it be nice to know which clients pay their bills from the moment they walk in the door? Unfortunately, Payer Radar hasn’t been invented. At Emerald A/R Systems, we have created a Payer Radar of sorts. We call it the clarity grading system and it tells us which patients are more likely to pay their bills than others.

The benefits of knowing how likely a client is to pay their bill are tremendous! Knowing this information allows you to focus your time and efforts on clients with a higher likelihood of paying.

Just think, you would no longer be exhausting precious time and funds into clients who have an extremely low chance of paying their bill. Focusing on the population of clients that are more likely to pay will increase revenue by a substantial amount.

So, how does Emerald A/R Systems do it? How can we sort out the payers from the non-payers? Emerald’s advanced Gem System gathers a plethora of data from multiple sources. Our system uses over 30 pieces of information to determine your clients’ rank in our clarity grading system. Here are some of the pieces of data used in determining the Gem Score: the clients’ level of education, assets owned, the amount of moves within the last 10 years, and tax liens.

Our Gem System is top notch at ranking clients’ propensity-to-pay. Because of this, and our impeccable standard for customer satisfaction, Emerald AR Systems has a great record of getting accounts paid in a timely manner. We are effective and take out the frustration of accounts receivable.

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