Going Above

& Beyond

Our healthcare representatives

actively engage with your patients

to resolve their billing issues. 






What We Do

We build and manage front and back office patient solutions that simplify the patient billing experience. 

Hiring a run-of-the-mill debt collection service can create a variety of problems for medical organizations. Outdated and inefficient approaches create more work for you and frustration for your patients. That's why we interact with your medical patients in a compassionate way.

We value your reputation. Emerald understands poor service quality reflects poorly on your organization and can permanently tarnish your reputation. For these reasons, we have painstakingly designed and implemented an account recovery service that utilizes analytics to achieve maximum recovery rates while keeping your billing costs down. We achieve this all while maintaining transparency to patients about their accounts and treating them with complete respect.

Your patients will appreciate the payment arrangements and pre-determined settlement arrangements we offer. These options are designed to allow patients to pay their debts in a realistic way while allowing you to settle your accounts as quickly as possible. All of our representatives are HIPAA-certified, so both you and your patients can be confident in the knowledge their confidential medical data is safe. Our unique approach and more than a decade of experience have proven revolutionary and extremely valuable in the field. Emerald has become a valued partner for numerous healthcare providers.

Client Services

Our Client Service Staff works with you throughout your implementation. Clients are continually kept up to date on the state of their patient accounts and meet clients periodically to ensure service satisfaction.

Technical Support

Emerald employs a dedicated team of technical experts. Our highly trained technical team quickly addresses any issues that could potentially cause interruptions to service. 


Based on the successful completion of our SSAE-16 audit, Emerald assembled a policy and procedure team to ensure maximum compliance to all applicable requirements. 


One-Stop-Shop for all service details

Rather than a time-consuming back and forth, you’ll be able to update accounts, quickly check their statuses and communicate with Emerald – a “one-stop shop” for all service details.

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Another Collection Opportunity

Our  payment portal provides an additional recovery channel for your unpaid patient balances. It's safe, secure and accessible 24/7

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Service Pricing

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