Credit Bureau Reporting

a very effective way to recover accounts 



Reporting Patients to the Credit Bureau

The credit bureau report is one of the most important financial documents that an individual has. It shows everything relating to their credit history as well as how they have managed their credit. This makes credit bureau reporting a very important tool when it comes to debt collection. By opting into Emerald’s credit bureau reporting service, patients are informed that further delay in paying the amount due will result in the reporting of a collection account balance to the credit bureau. This final step is very effective in the recovery of accounts that have several broken promises or are flat refusals to pay. 

Initial Report

Initial reporting of a delinquent account according to data furnisher compliance guidelines

Balance Changes 

We update the credit bureau of balance changes 

Credit Removal 

We can completely remove a record that was incorrectly reported within 48 hours. 


17% Revenue Increase

One of Emerald's client's made a decision to start reporting to the credit bureau  5 years after starting services with Emerald. The results were astonishing. Within 6 months their revenue increased 17 percent.  Read the case study below. 

Case Study


Requesting Credit Removals 

Billing Agents can request a credit removal for a patient using our proprietary client portal. If you're not sure where to request the removal. talk to one of our client support agents.

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I have personally dealt with Emerald AR Systems for 3 years now. They not only provide a great service for healthcare organizations, they do it with the highest level of integrity and attention to detail. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to lower their overhead costs and increase their patient collections.
Tom D
I have been a client of Emerald AR System's for about 4 years now. I have worked closely with Angelina, and I value her attentiveness to our accounts. She works seamlessly with our billing company. We have always been confident with Emerald handling our accounts.
Victoria V
Emerald AR Systems is the best collection agency out there. The communication between them and our office is superb. In the medical billing world, collections can be a "touchy" subject, Emerald handles all of our accounts in a very professional manner. Their collection rate is also stellar.
Terri K