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Educational Opportunities for FQHC Employees

January 17, 2019 - 2:49 PM

With the national employment rate at 3.7%, it is difficult for organizations to compete for competitive employee candidates. This sets a health center back and the clinic is forced to reevaluate the onboarding process. To do this, many speak with current, competitive employees to understand what attracted them to their organization and gather employee satisfaction suggestions to improve the employee experience Another way to solve the lack of competitive candidates is to create them give your employees educational opportunities. Educational opportunities are a great way to train your employees, the way you like and increase employee retention. It also increases employee value, which saves an FQHC money. Here are a few educational opportunities for every employee within an FQHC.


Online Classes are an inexpensive way for nurses to further their training. They allow freedom to learn when one so chooses also. NursesEd is one example of the many organizations that educational opportunities for FQHC nurses. This organization allows nurses to learn a deeper understanding of medical information for only $100 per online class.

Local University Classes are also great opportunities for nurses who wish to further their education. A nearby university can host a class of nurses, and extend their training, just like Indiana University.

Hands on Workshops enable doctors and other medical professionals to expand their knowledge in a certain field. There are many workshops available that can be found at

Medical Conferences are another way to encourage doctors and practitioners to further their education. Many of these events can be found at search medical conferences and specify a location to find the next medical conferences near you.


Leadership Training in extremely necessary for members of an FQHC leadership team. This training can be completed through the FQHC Academy . This organization focuses on educating FQHC staff, admin, and board members. They even offer group discounts. Leadership training is a needed resource to ensure administration understands guidelines and best leadership tactics. This training effects the FQHC directly.

FQHC events/resources are ways to keep up to date with new FQHC laws. They also allow you to meet with other FQHC administrators to discuss common problems and found solutions. FQHC Events and resources can be found at


               Online Training Courses

General office skills are required when working in an office. This doesn’t not mean training courses are not necessary. On the contrary, online training courses much like the Pitman-Training or Business Training Works are able to increase job efficiency for office workers.

In Person Seminars can be found at Seminars only last a few hours while in-person or online courses can last weeks. Seminars allow for quick information without tests or quizzes. Many people appreciate going to seminars to learn about a certain subject.

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