Anesthesiology Medical Billing Service Collections

Anesthesiology Medical Billing Service Collections

Efficiently Running an Anesthesiology Medical Office

Creating efficiency in your anesthesiology medical office is a challenge that comes with great reward. Understanding all of the processes in place at your practice is a crucial first step in enabling higher volumes of productivity. Once you have identified every piece of the operations funnel, it is now important to begin to sort which processes are making the office run smoother and which are creating a bottleneck.

The medical billing services make up a large part of your business being that the compensation is the main driver for a successful practice. This makes it even more important that anesthesiology medical billing needs to be understood in a more modern sense, apart from the archaic ages of complicated statements to your patients that might as well be written in code. In this industry, you must endure and align with the up-to-date medical trends. Technology advancements have made communicating with them much easier and user-friendly.

A higher level of comprehension for the patients receiving their billing statements is a benefit to both them as well as the provider. Always be on the lookout for these opportunities to focus on efficiency and free up more of your time to work in the business and not so much on the business. Innovation is a powerful force for surviving and thriving in every industry, especially the medical field. Awareness to the fact that the ease of implementation of a new billing service system is a key understanding to have along with the capital expenses associated with infrastructure needs.


Are there times when your current billing system slows down your office efficiency?

Does it take your time away from patients or makes you devote additional hours after the work day?


If you have to take more than a moment to consider either one of these questions, then you might want to explore your options. Making your anesthesiology office run smoother and more efficiently would produce great returns for the overall health of your business.


Enable Your Patients to Make Payments Much More Effortlessly Anesthesiology Medical Billing Service Collections

When taking into account your current invoicing process, convenience and ease of use can often be overlooked. A complex billing statement will require patients to contact your office and tie up your front office employees with questions that could have been answered with a more clear, itemized invoice. These questions are normally as simple as how they are being charged, what they are being charged for, and how to pay towards their balance. If this is a common occurrence in your anesthesiology office, it might be time to consider another option.

Emerald AR has designed a system that specializes in solving these headaches. This innovative billing service collections system enables your patients to view an itemized list of charges for their services. It even gives them the option to update their contact information and pay online. Your patients will now have the capability and convenience of utilizing multiple payment channels that assist in ensuring that they have access to their prefered payment method of choice. Our multi-channel payment architecture includes credit cards, debit cards, and electronic check payments.

This system was constructed for easy implementation into your medical office not requiring any capital expenses while producing huge infrastructure gains. The thought is that if you can avoid the planning, development, and capital costs associated with improving your patient billing capabilities, then this will allow you more time and resources to dedicate to your day-to-day operations.

By enhancing your ability to collect patient payments, your office is improving your patients’ satisfaction. Emerald is focused on optimizing that satisfaction and even offers a single file to import credit card payments, lockbox payments, web payments, and phone payments. Also, a patient payment suite provides settled and adjusted payment files posted, shortening the time and expense of operating your own personal lockbox or manual posting process.


Unpaid Patient Medical Billing Accounts?

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Online Payment Portal

Online Payment Portal

It is proven that one of the most effective methods of payment is through an online 24/7 portal. This portal enables your patients to access their anesthesiology medical billing statements much easier and gives them the option to use either a credit card or electronic check.

Over-the-Phone Payments

Over-the-Phone Payments

Phone payments make up a good portion of service collections payments. There are many instances where a patient doesn’t have internet access and this issue is solved by offering a user-friendly phone payment option.

Lockbox by Mail

Lockbox by Mail

Many patients still rely on traditional mail by way of the postal system to make payments and pay their medical bills. Emerald is aware of this and offers processing, depositing, and posting for anesthesiology medical billing statements.

Customer Service Call Center Benefits

There are many benefits associated with our customer service call center. With many highly trained customer service agents, our staff looks to act as an extension of your anesthesiology medical office. It is the job of this specialized service center to be the voice of your practice and positively impact your clients’ service collections experience.

Our staff is located here in the United States with the capability of communicating with both English and Spanish speaking patients. We look to assist them according to your specified policies, record all calls received, and review those calls to ensure that our customer service agents are continually improving the experience for your patients.


How We Lower Your Call Volume

  • Responding to general billing questions
  • Updating both insurance and personal information
  • Establishing payment arrangements
  • Processing payments
  • Advising patients on financial policies


Employing Voice Messaging for Unpaid BillsAnesthesiology Medical Billing Service Collections

When a bill goes unpaid or bad debt occurs, there is simply nothing as effective as calling a patient to remind them. When the volume of outstanding accounts grows, it can be a daunting task. With dialing technology, you can follow-up with payment reminders on all of your accounts without the manual effort and expense.


When an anesthesiology medical bill goes unpaid, there is simply nothing as effective as calling a patient to remind them. When the volume of outstanding accounts grows, it can be a daunting task. With dialing technology, you can follow-up with payment reminders on all of your accounts without the manual effort and expense.

Most healthcare providers do not have access to dialing technology and their recovery efforts suffer dramatically. However, just having the right technology does not address the scheduling and account eligibility enforcement rules. These processes are required to make calls to the appropriate accounts at the appropriate time.


Voice Messaging Advantages

These benefits help out your staff and make sure that calls are delivered correlating to the proper scheduling of the voice message and ensuring they are only sending to accounts that are appropriately aged.

  • Decrease in cost and time to manually call each patient account
  • Improved patient communication
  • Comprehensive answering machine
  • Live person detection capabilities
  • Toll-free or local area code numbers are available for Caller ID
  • Able to create customized scheduling logic
  • Text-to-speech capabilities that delivers messages with the patient’s name and account number
  • Call routing efficiency for patients requesting to transfer from a dialer message


Medical Billing for Anesthesiology Made Simpler

One of the biggest barriers to a seamless billing process is a patient statement that is not clearly defined. We aim to overcome this obstacle by reducing the complicated healthcare jargon. These statements are broken out into an itemized list that is written in clear language and made to be easily understood. This reduces the amount of confusion for each charge on the statement as well as reducing the inquiry calls with questions and reluctance to pay due to the statement being unclear. These patient statements Emerald provides are concise and contain the proper amount of detail necessary to communicate the medical billing message.


How Does Bankruptcy Processing Help My Business?

One of the most difficult problems you can have when dealing with bankruptcy for anesthesiology medical billing is being able to access and update patient information. The bankruptcy details are made are made available by Emerald through an electronic record which works to ensure that claims are filed correctly and in a timely manner. This service collections safeguard establishes that patient accounts are able to be located efficiently as well as assuring that they are up-to-date.

Emerald makes sure to abide by industry best practices in place when working with bankruptcy processing. Two critical factors of this process are improving the recovery rate and deceased operational costs of wasted collection efforts. The focus is on providing claims that are accurate and filed in a timely fashion. It is required to file a proof of claim for the bankruptcy process If this step is overlooked or mishandled, the acceptance by the bankruptcy court can be negatively impacted which might limit or even negate your chances of receiving a payout entirely.


What is Post-Visit Medicaid Eligibility?Post-Visit Medicaid

The technology Emerald has in place increases the revenue recovered from Medicaid. At the same time, we are eliminating balances that cannot be collected from assigned patients. By identifying the accounts that may be recovered through Medicaid, our technology is able to return the billing details for processing. This fail-safe billing process reduces your uncompensated care.

Keep in mind that it is illegal in many states for Medicaid providers to bill patients for medical treatment that is covered by Medicaid. With Emerald’s technology, healthcare providers are able to maximize the recovery of locating patients that are eligible for Medicaid within the appropriate filing limits while also keeping the providers compliant.



How much Medicaid Money are You Losing?

For one FQHC client, Emerald AR found over $250k in unbilled Medicaid and that was only in the first 90 days.

Find out how much Medicaid money your hospital is missing out on. Click the button below for a Free Medicaid Eligibility Scan!


Understanding Deceased and Probate Processing

The process used to legally administer the estate of the deceased is called probate. This involves an estate that is responsible for all debt, bills, and expenses. The actual probate process comprises an accounting of the late individual’s sets and distribution of the entities collecting on the deceased receivables. This also includes anyone else entitled to all payments from the state. Before any assets in an estate can be dispersed to any person under a will, the expenses are required to be paid

The deceased and probate processing can account for make up a substantial portion of outstanding medical billing and service collections in an anesthesiologist’s office. This is why Emerald’s probate service proactively identifies deceased accounts for healthcare organizations as well as finding the individual’s probate estates and efficiently filing claims.

Get to Know Emerald

Our solutions are designed to focus on the needs associated with patient communication, customer service, payment processing and posting, along with an automated screening for charity and missed insurance eligibility.

Emerald’s system is designed for easy implementation for huge infrastructure gains while requiring zero capital expense. These solutions have enabled our clients to avoid the burden of planning, development, and capital costs associated with improving their patient billing capabilities and processes. By doing so, we have allowed their medical organization to achieve their goals quickly.

Emerald is located in Central Phoenix and partners with clients all over the nation by providing solutions that not only focus on improving the anesthesiology patient billing infrastructure but are centered on providing a consistent, professional and friendly patient experience making us among the best debt collection services for the medical industry.

Our customers are healthcare organizations aiming to enhance their patient billing processes but don’t have the technology infrastructure, automated processes, and resources to maintain the increasing patient billing volumes and associated costs of billing.

Patient Balance

Patient balance claims are designated for service and transferred in a claim batch file. Updates on previously transferred claims are also supplied.

Service Coordinator

The service coordinator responsibly schedules actions for multiple services making sure all services are delivered at the proper time without manual intervention. Service delivery is scheduled using the client defined service frequency for the claim segment (for example: small balance, past due, etc.).

Claim Payment

Claim payments are electronically deposited in addition to a corresponding importable file containing transaction details. Accompanying service reports contain itemized service detail records and logs.

Getting Started With Emerald and Boost Efficiency

Emerald partners with our clients to select a schedule and a particular quantity designated to each service. We coordinate anesthesiology medical billing and collections services accordingly utilizing a single daily exchange to drive the process.

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