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Medicaid eligibility scan

How much Medicaid money are you losing?


Checking Eligibility At The Time Of Service Is Not Enough. Join other leading FQHC’s and never miss a Medicaid billing opportunity again!

There are so many unpaid Medicaid accounts that go unaccounted for every month. This Free Eligibility Scan will scan your entire back log and locate all of the patient billing accounts to prevent any prior and future missed billing opportunities.

Medicaid eligibility scan

Safety Net

For one FQHC client, Emerald AR found over 250k in unbilled Medicaid within the first 90 days.

Medicaid eligibility scan


With so much of an FQHC’s revenue dependent upon Medicaid, it is vital to never miss a billing opportunity.

Medicaid eligibility scan


FQHC’s on our program find the revenue recovered from missed opportunities more than covers the cost of their entire patient billing efforts.

Medicaid eligibility scan

Our client’s staff was simply overwhelmed by the manual efforts necessary to sustain their processes.

We can help make it manageable.

In basic terms, unpaid claims were being missed and expiring past their respective filing periods.

We scan your entire back log of accounts to prevent any past or future missed billing opportunities.

The missed revenue is REAL.

Emerald AR still recovers an average of over 300k annually for FQHC’s using our services over three years.

Medicaid eligibility scan

Emerald AR is committed to developing solutions that ease the burdens and costs associated with billing patients. Our solutions are designed for easy implementation and zero capital expense, allowing FQHC’s to quickly achieve their goals.

After you send over your information below, our team will review your submission and reach out to complete our Medicaid Scan process.

Please be sure to note the patients your office or practice sees on a monthly basis.

Also, feel free to let us know any additional information that might be useful to our team to better customize your analysis.

Medicaid eligibility scan