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Your patient statements may be delaying patient payment

August 26, 2019 - 3:01 PM

Paying for medical bills is a straightforward process, right? Although that may be the case when you're a seasoned member of the industry, it isn't an experience that translates to the rest of America. Just 60% of people feel comfortable paying their medical bills. Although the way patients pay their bills has evolved, it hasn't made life any easier for them. In a recent study that examined the consumer payment experience, surprising findings were made. By learning more about them, you can see how Emerald AR Systems could enhance patient communication for you.

Limited Payment Options

Although patients throughout the United States can access lots of payment methods as a whole, not everyone can access the same channel. For example, 22% of people cannot use their credit card to pay a bill. Additionally, 19% couldn't make payments using a debit card.

Theoretically, this could leave a lot of patients in a difficult position. Although they always have the option of moving their funds to a relevant payment channel, doing so is inconvenient. Additionally, it increases the risk of late payments as there are additional steps involved.

Bills aren't always easy to understand

Missing payment options isn't the only problem when it comes to settling patient bills. Around 20% of patients feel as though they need more ways to acquire payment information. Additionally, 22% said that their statements were too difficult to understand. Both of those statistics alone suggest that communication is a major barrier to paying bills. When one in five patients is struggling with bill comprehension, it's clear that the problem isn't individual patients, there are some major barriers to communication.

Ease of access may be a problem

The study also revealed that patients are a diverse bunch when it comes to their chosen payment method. Around 87% pay using their smartphone and 73% rely on their laptop. Roughly 56% are using their tablets, while just 49% use a desktop computer. Finally, a small (but notable) 10% use their feature phone (a cell that doesn't have smartphone features). Collectively, these statistics tell us that patients love options. Failing to acknowledge one potential payment channel could alienate those who need to use your services.

So, what's the answer to tackling patient communication? With Emerald AR Systems, we provide professional patient statements that make your expectations clear. There's no ambiguity when it comes to your bills as we avoid difficult-to-understand jargon. While remaining sensitive to your patient's needs, we'll make their obligations obvious.

If you're ready to demystify your bills and improve patient communication, learn more here.

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