Request Your Free Propensity-to-Pay Analysis

Request Your Free Propensity-to-Pay Analysis

Unpaid Patient Billing Accounts?


Wouldn’t it be nice to know which patients pay their bill before scheduling an appointment?  Unfortunately, Paydar hasn’t been invented yet, but you can get close with Emerald’s Gem Score.

With a Free Propensity-to-Pay Analysis, you will now be able to better understand your patients’ bad debt and your likelihood to recover that debt. As one of the top medical billing services, we are committed to providing both you and your patients with superior service standards.

Streamlining Patient Collection Efforts

Reduce Days Outstanding By Streamlining Patient Collection Efforts

Payment Score

Use The Payment Score To Help You Optimize Your Current Collection Efforts

Gem Scoring

Use Gem Scoring To Test The Score Against Your Current Paid Accounts

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The Gem score is a proprietary intelligent propensity-to-pay model used to create an aggregate Clarity Grade based on a collected data set.

It’s like having Paydar but real.

In basic terms, Emerald takes your data elements to give you each patient’s clarity grade.

Here at Emerald, our collection service is about innovation. We are looking to answer how to recover bad debt that respects the patient while approaching recovery through analytics.

We are not just another collection agency.

Over the years, Emerald has become a valued partner for many healthcare providers and we believe it is our approach that makes us different.

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After you send over your information below, our team will review your submission and reach out to complete our analysis process.

Please be sure to note the patients your office or practice sees on a monthly basis.

Also, feel free to let us know any additional information that might be useful to our team to better customize your analysis.

Thank you!

Free Propensity To Pay Analysis