A Modern Approach for Bad Debt Recovery

Emerald’s collection service is about innovation. We have a modern approach to answer how to recover bad debt that respects the patient while seeking maximum recovery through analytics. Most collection agencies have an outdated approach to collections and their tactics have tarnished the industry’s reputation. Emerald is not just another collection agency. Over the years, Emerald has become a valued partner for many healthcare providers and we believe it is our approach that makes us different.


Professional Recovery Calls

At Emerald, we understand that our actions directly affect your organization’s reputation when figuring out how to recover bad debt in medical. We feel that it is our duty to meet or exceed your customer service standards. In order to achieve such a high level of professionalism, we continuously adhere to the following:

  • Exclusively employ representatives with excellent communication skills.
  • Continual training on the most effective collection techniques.
  • Employ several bi-lingual (English/Spanish) representatives
  • Rigorous training on regulation compliance and call professionalism.
  • Record each call and perform weekly compliance and performance evaluations.
  • Online patient complaint resolution.

Credit Bureau Reporting

The credit bureau report is one of the most important financial documents that an individual has. It shows everything relating to their credit history as well as how they have managed their credit.  By opting into Emerald’s credit bureau reporting service, patients are informed that further delay in paying the amount due will result in the reporting of a collection account balance to the credit bureau. Emerald’s Credit Bureau Reporting service includes:

  • Initial reporting of a delinquent account according to data furnisher compliance guidelines
  • Updating the credit bureau of balance changes
  • Updating the credit bureau of payment and settlement activity
  • Complete removal of a record that was incorrectly reported

Collection Letter Service

Emerald’s letter service is patient focused while maintaining compliance. We focus on a communication process that is clear, concise, correct, and patient friendly. Letters are easy to understand and written in clear language. Patients’ can quickly determine the reason for the statement and how it can be resolved and provides a clear direction on how to pay their bill online, in mail, or via the phone.


Skip Tracing

Without a modern skip tracing platform, obtaining up to date contact information is impossible and can really hinder bad debt recovery for healthcare. When Emerald attempts a call that results in a disconnected number or receives a returned notice, Emerald’s workflow management engine automatically triggers our skip tracing service to return the most up-to-date phone number for eligible accounts. Emerald then updates the customer’s record and continues the collection process.

Add-On Services

Emerald understands the time associated when corresponding with attorneys, estate trustees or following up on Medicaid eligibility. Emerald has added additional services that will alleviate some of these pains, add additional recovery and reduce your workload.

Post-Visit Medicaid Eligibility

Emerald’s Post-Visit Medicaid Eligibility service identifies those accounts that may be recovered through Medicaid while eliminating uncollectible balances assigned to patients.

Deceased & Probate Processing

Emerald’s probate service allows healthcare organizations to proactively identify deceased accounts, find probated estates, and efficiently file claims.

Bankruptcy Processing

Emerald delivers a full service bankruptcy solution that ensures accurate and timely claims are filed to improve the recovery rate and decrease operational costs of wasted collection efforts.